The Games

Find out what we've got in store for you at Lost & Escape...
  • Game One: The Dungeon

    Middle Ages. Two warring factions. you have become a prisoner of war and have been locked up in a dark dungeon. It is unsure what your captors are going to do with you, but it does not look promising at all. But you have got a chance to escape: find the four elemental power crystals throughout the dungeon by working together and escape your grim fate!

  • Game Two: Magic Castle (with one laser room inside)

    Welcome to the Magic Castle! Once you step through the door you will enter a whole new world of magic and wizardry.However, you become poisoned upon entering the realm and must find the correct ingredients for an antidote before you succumb to your sickness forever!

  • Lost & Escape Gift Vouchers

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